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Racing Team

GINO BARTALI’S RACING TEAM is not an actual team and does not have specific requirements needed for entrance, other than the passion for cycling and good wine.


The RACING TEAM CHIANTI GINO BARTALI is not an association, club, or organization with a specific set of rules but rather a way to share a common interest with friends, to be part of a group, a team, during the races held in Italy and abroad, pedalling routes characterized by dust and sweat.


To become a cyclist of the RACING TEAM CHIANTI GINO BARTALI it is necessary to pay a one-time fee and you will receive the fantastic team JERSEY in wool, and six bottles of CHIANTI GINO BARTALI (only if you buy online, instead of just 3 bottles).


But that’s not all….

Once you have received your team jersey, put it on, get on your bike, and take a picture of yourself under the sign of the town/city where you live!


Send us an email of your photo on your bike and it will be immediately published on our site in the space dedicated to RACING TEAM CHIANTI GINO BARTALI...this way you can become part of our team!!!!





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